Our acupuncture treatments involve a combination of traditional and modern techniques to address pain and stress related concerns effectively.

Acupuncture has the ability to treat the whole body through the nervous system, skin, muscles and fascia, causing a release of feel-good, pain-relieving endorphins and other biochemicals that promote recovery and optimal function at a cellular level.

Treatment begins with a full health history intake and is often followed by traditional tongue and pulse diagnosis and/or orthopaedic assessment of posture, mobility and stability to determine key areas of structural disfunction or other root causes of disharmony.

We then use any combination of traditional acupuncture, motor point acupuncture, electroacupuncture, laser acupuncture, and soft tissue / myofascial techniques to restore function, flow and integration of the whole system.

We may also recommend stretches, exercises and/or diet and lifestyle changes to help you get you back to your activities faster, prevent future injuries and maintain optimal results.

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