Registered Massage Therapy combines the relaxation of traditional massage with skilled orthopedic assessments and specialized techniques to reduce pain and tension, improve mobility, and regulate stress.

Through stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms with hands-on manual techniques and movement therapies, RMT’s work to re-establish a healthy tone in the soft tissues of the body, down-regulate the nervous system, and re-educate functional movement patterns. By addressing these avenues of health your RMT is able to help you keep your body and mind functioning at their best.

Appointments include a detailed consultation and assessment including postural and orthopedic testing in order to create a personalized treatment plan, customized specifically for you. Manual techniques indicated for your treatment will be performed and at-home remedial exercise advice will be given.

* Please note, we are not accepting new RMT patients at this time. 



Supporting the changes that occur during pregnancy and reduce any discomfort that may arise along the way. Registered Massage Therapists are highly trained to give you safe and effective treatments tailored to your unique body and pregnancy, adapting with you for your 9 months of pregnancy and beyond.

We use specialized pregnancy pillows to support your growing belly while on the massage table, keeping you and your growing baby comfortable and safe during your visits.

Improving and optimizing human movement patterns, whether to succeed in sport or day-to-day life. Your particular activities, goals, and challenges you face will help determine which treatment strategies might best suit your needs.

Postural and mobility assessments give profound insights into how your body likes to move and we will then focus to re-educate any sub-optimal patterns. Helping you move better, feel better, and live better.

Relaxation-focused treatments are for those of you who would like to shut off your brain, keep talking to a minimum, and prefer a gentler and/or less active approach to treatment.

Sometimes it’s ok to focus less on a specific measurable outcome and more on you taking the time out to recoup and recharge, which can be a great way to down-regulate your nervous system, allowing rest and relaxation which we know is so critical to our overall health and well-being.


“Fascia” or connective tissue, surrounds our muscles, bones, and organs, holding them in place. By stretching or compressing the restricted areas we can reduce adhesions that form between the muscles and fascia, improving mobility and tissue health.

Trigger Points (aka “knots”) can cause tenderness in one location, refer pain to another area of the body or even cause problems like headaches, dizziness or nausea. Applying sustained pressure on the active points until the tenderness reduces will help move the circulation, decrease the sensitivity and reduce overall tension.

When muscles are tense, they can cause the joint to become tight and restricted as well. By using subtle muscle contractions to mobilize the joints and relax the muscles balance can be restored. MET is performed with active participation from both the therapist and patient and can be modified for continued care at home.

Using specialized tools to desensitize pain and break down tissue adhesion by inducing localized inflammation to restart the healing process and encourage a return to normal function.

A gentle approach that focuses on the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system. Craniosacral Therapy is generally a very relaxing technique that helps to calm the nervous system, which  reduces  stress and increases the body’s capacity to heal.

Generally considered the most common form of massage, involving a combination of strokes focusing on improved circulation, relaxation, desensitizing pain perception and loosening muscle fibres.

An assisted stretching technique that combines a classic static stretch with active engagement against resistance to increase the force applied to the tissues being stretched to improve joint ranges of motion.

Prescribing at home plans including myofascial rolling, stretching and strengthening techniques that will increase the effectiveness of your in-office visits, improving functional movement patterns long term.


Britt is so knowledgeable, by far the best RMT in Whistler! I always look forward to my appointments.

Sound advice and excellent work. Britt has been treating me for a few years, and she not only provides excellent bodywork but also takes the time to (a) listen to you and (b) explain what is happening. I highly recommend her.

I’ve been seeing Britt for a while and she has by far been the best and most effective RMT. Highly recommended!!

Britt is amazing. She asks the right questions to figure out what you don’t even know you need. Two big thumbs up!